SoloSub Frequently Asked Questions

Does SoloSub host my feed?

No, we simply make it easier for people to subscribe to your feed using online aggregators. You might want to check out if you are looking for feed hosting.

If SoloSub were to ever go away will I loose subscribers?

No, we point subscribers to your feed url as its hosted on your site.

Is SoloSub Free?

Yes! We don't intend on ever charging a fee. The service is pretty easy to operate, so enjoy.

That doesn't mean we won't ever need to add a tip jar, but for the most part we would like to keep this service as simple as possible for now.

I don't see my feed reader

We add feed readers based on popular demand, so it takes more than one request before we will add it to solosub.

The reason we only accept popular feed readers is to keep SoloSub easy for people to use.

Who built solosub?

SoloSub was built by Pete Freitag.

Has Pete Built Any Other Web Sites?

Yes indeed, Pete is always building new sites. Some sites to check out include: